Quick! Get out of the plaza! The boom reaches you soon and you get thrown in space. You land on Gadit. Some weird music from Chrono Trigger starts playing. In 2 minutes parts if 1-R9 fall on you. A man comes and picks you up. When he gets to his house he says "Whats your name?"  "Cron! Says Cron. "Well..I see....I am Ramin, The Master of War. If you can beat me, I will raise you." Cron alone inters a battle with Ramin. Use WaterBolt. Keep using it until he dies. (31 HP) If you lose, You have to fight again. If you win, The screen fades black and says "20 years later...." Ramin comes out out of his room and says "Its time for you to go out on your own. You were a great kid! Here! Take my Father's Charm. Here is a Mother's Charm to! It boosts your HP more! I am gonna miss you! be strong!" Go wake up Dizzy Daisy and Dravos. They both say "Huh? Cron!!!"  Go out the front door. Gadit is no longer the red wasteland from 20 years ago. It is a pretty field of flowers and cliffs. The NewsPaperBoy comes and gives you a paper. What does that say?" Says Dizzy Daisy. "It says Pee is playing live in Ityum tonight!" Yells Cron. "Let me turn into my cool guy form." Says Dravos. Dravos says "Boy, Girl, all the same thing"  Walk to ityum. People are everywere looking at Pee's message on the giant TV. He is saying "Now that i said that you gotta come to the concer-" A bunch of Demons come up on the sreen and say "Somebody teach us what music is! We can combine together and go here a music! anyone!?" Cron shouts out yes. The fire demons combine together and jump of the roof of a building. He says "You can call me Fire Demon. I am god of fire! Lets go here a music! Wait for 7 hours. When the concert starts Dravos says "We are leavin'! This is for the demon to hear a song..."