A fake Bd Bd Bullie comes out of the ground. Punch it. It falls apart. Dravos in an old lady form claps and cheers. She says "Watch out! They be going haywire!!" A bunch of Spinny Things come out of the ground. They are flinging axes everywere and there breaking everything. They look like Bd Bd Bulliez. Dravos joins your party. He has all the same things you are wearing. What one party member is wearing, They are all wearing. Attack all of the 36 Spinny Things. Then the town goes crazy. Bolts come out of the ground and a Big Machine pops out of the ground it says "HAIL TO ALL MECHS UNDER CONTROL OF MALODOORA. I AM 1-R9 DROID. I AM A HACKER DROID. I DO NOT LIKE THAT YOU DO NOT LIKE BAD BAD BULLIES. THEY ARE NICE. THEY CREATED ME. NOW PREPARE TO DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Blue bolts shoot out of him. he says "ERROR ERROR ERROR SEQUENCE..........DIEIng...................." A flower like being jumps down and slashes him apart. He says "Hey yall. Yo dude tats short looks like the coolio. Get out Mrs. Granny." Dravos says "I am the god of light young man!" The flower says "Oh shut the heck up.  I am a god too. I am god of coolness.  And you lil' dude, your the god!  "What is it?" Says Cron. The flower says "YOU ARE ALL THE GODS COMBINED!!!"  "Wow!" says Cron. Dravos says "lets g-" 4 droids come and fix 1-R9. They say "We ArE ThE DaRkNeSs DrOiDs. We FiXeD 1-r9. I wIlL NoW SeLf DeStRuCt. GoOdByE...... 1-R9 says "HELLO. TIME TO FIGHT!" The flower says "Call me Dizzy Daisy. I'll Break Tis thang apart!!" 1-R9 starts with a Beam Attack. Use the WP magic Dravos granted you.  Use it quick. He will explode when you do 19 damage.