So you get home. A Cut Scene comes around. Mooilyud goes back to his ranch. Go into your bed. That night a shark attack is near. Dravos is gone. Go explore. When a band of "Bd Bd Bulliez" attacks you, A big shark comes and and says "Pick on me! Not him!" The shark swims away with the Bd Bd Bulliez behind him. The shark disapeers. He turns into a boy and runs off. More Bd Bd Bulliez come and yell, "Hey Dork! Chase Our Buttz! We will kill all you stinkin' toddlerz!" They jump down and attack. You can not beat them. They eventually get tired and run away. Shark Boy comes back and jumps in a tree. He shreds it and makes a tree house. Go in. Its like your old home. A boy comes in and says "Hey Cron-o! I found this house fer' ya!"  Dravos leaves. Then the shark comes in. He asks if he can have coffie. Give him some coffie and he will tell a story. He says "Cron. I want you to know something. Look into this ball. Look at the Waters Land. See that  boy who is sitting in the middle of no-where? Thats you Cron. That is the future. I will give you an ability that will help you change the future. You kill an evil god named Malodoora with 4 friends. I will give you this ability. You might not like how I will cast it on you. But it is worth it. Trust me. Here I go! you did not like me spilling coffie on you? That is relaxing. So that is the power to swap. You will turn into a human when you get to the airs land. And I, THE GREAT SHARK, have something to tell you."  The shark skin cracks off of him. He says "I am Cron. Call me Dravos. I am a great warrior. I will train you the arts of war. Watch this. This is how you travel between lands."  A spiral sucks you up.  You get spewed out of a fountain in a world in the Airs. "Here is war gear. Says Dravos. You get equipped with: Armor Mittin, Armor Glove, Armor Band, Armor Ring, Armor Charm, Armor Necklace, Armor Shirt, Armor BreastPlate, Iron Blade, Armor Pants, Armor Shoes, Armor HairPin, Armor Helmet, Silk HeadBand, Goofy WarGlasses, Armor Sheild and Plate Piercing