You start playing as Dravos. You are underwater. You pretty much know nothing right now. Just follow the path.  You see Cron running up the castle. Go and chase him. The tower is breaking into bits! When you are right before Cron he says "Cron! I'm Scared! Please save me!"  Then the peice of ground between you and him breaks off!  Cron says "Bother! I don't like this!  Save me and seahor-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He falls with a chunk of of ground. You jump off the cliff. After a while Cron and a strange man are under ou riding a shark. You fall on the shark. The man is Mooilyud! He says "Cron! Dra- I mean Cron! Never worry me so! Be good nagas!"  "What was that Dra thing all about?" Cron says. "Oh nothing. Just thinking about a kind of um..cake called DraLicious."  Says Mooilyud. You arive home. Climb in bed.