Pee is a rock star from Ityum city. He is the second antaganist from CronCron.

The BossEdit

Cron goes to see the concert with The Fire Demon to teach him music. When the concert starts pee calls the secruity for you to fight. This is going to be easy because you have The Fire Demon. When they die the Swat Team comes. They hit you. Pee sayshe can handle this himself. The Swats leave and you have to fight Pee himself. Pee swings down and attacks you. Use FlameSlinger on him. He can only be hurt by fire attacks. When he is almost dead Mooilyud swings down from the top and uses his MooilyudTendo DS bolt. Pee falls down and breaks the stage. The building is falling apart! Run out fast. The building falls to bits. The Swat Team beats you up and brings you to jail.

The Second BossEdit

On the ninth floor of the valcano Pee rises from is grave.  He tells you "You Wiedoz Smell Like My Name!". He throws a torch at you. The room falls on fire. He says"MEET ME AT THE 40TH FLOOR! MWHAHAHAHAH!" Grab hold of his feet. He summons a rocket. Use FlameSlinger. It will die.