Doc Drav

Docter Dravos is the best docter in the air

Mooilyud is Cron and Dravos's dad. He is a geek gamer. He invented 1,000 games and Consoles. He is the most smart and tech man in The Airs Land.

Half RobotEdit

Mooilyud is not just a naga. He is half robot. Dravos helped him get robot parts. He tried to make the MooilyudTendo DS but got exploded by a bolt. He almost died. Docter Dravos found him and brought him to the hospital. 1 week after building robot legs for herself she built Mooilyud robot parts. She spent weeks in her lab making Mooilyud into a bigger, better naga!  Then she gave him a pass to make a game called GroundFallers Swap Force! Mooilyud made a fortune! He became the richest naga in the Airs land! maybe even the universe!


Mooilyud was born. at 5 he took an entrest in games like skylanders and the legend of zelda. He liked playing games but more, Making Them! His secret code was =+lllo'L;:lb. He typed that code to make his games. He made several games by the time he was 11. He grew up to be a Game Developer for Nintendo. He made a lot of games. Once he tried to make a MooilyudTendo DS. He almost died. That is when he met her. Dravos.  Dravos fixed him up. Then he met a girl. He married her and had two kids. Cron and Cron. None is known after that point.