The two forms of evil its self

Malodoora is the main antoganist of CronCron. He is an Airs Wizard named Malo who can transform into Malodoora, The God of Darkness.

The five herosEdit

A legend that Dravos has says five heros will destroy Malodoora someday. Those five heros are: Cron, Dravos, Mooilyud, Dizzy Daisy and The Fire Demon. When they combine they become the Warrior of Light. They pull the Light sword out of the Stromo Valcano and then they start the Final Battle. Use Light Slash right when the battle starts. That gives him 100000-900000 damage and that starts the battle. He has about 34 HP left but he is gaurded by a shield of darkness. Use Light Slash and the sheild will die. Malodoora wil heal himself about 1,000 HP. You do not have enough WP to cast Light Slash again. Use Dizzy Starter and he will get dizzy and fall. That causes about 50 damage. Hegets back up and heals. Finish him off with MooilyudTendo DS Bolt. Once he is at 1 HP he taunts you and leaves. He turns into The God of Darkness and goes up into outer space. Equipped Space Suit on everybody and turn back to normal. Get into the crashed rocket on the 40th Level of Stromo Valcano and let Mooilyud fix it. He kicks you out and starts working. Climb in the ship and go to The Asteroid Above earth. Malodoora captures Everybody exept Dravos. Just cast FlameSlinger on him until he reaches 10 HP. Then your friends break out and you turn into the Warrior of Light. You do the finishing blow. He turns back into Malo and jumps of the asteroid. He falls on a bomb and it explodes. He dies. Congrats! You just beat CronCron!

Malo HP: 900034
Malo WP: 1,000

Malodoora HP: 400000000000000000000
Malodoora WP: ???