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My bad drawing of Dravos

Cron and Cron are the two protaganists of CronCron. They are two brothers that have the same name. They live in a tree house with no parents.

The Two NagasEdit

Cron and Cron are Nagas. They can turn human on the surfice. They travel between two worlds to save both. The Airs Land and The Waters Land. The Airs land is Earth and two alien planets called Fortron and Gadit. The Waters land is all of the oceans and seas in the three planets. They have the power to change races. Humans and Nagas. The Great Shark gave them this power. The great shark is a shark in water. She is an Elderly Old Woman in surfice. The Great shark reveals herself to be a Cron. One of the Crons is actually an Old Woman With an ability to swap. Her name is Dravos. Dravos and Cron then go off to stop world domination.


Cron and Cron are born in the water. Their mom who is a young and pretty girl named Halooman. There dad is a geek gamer named Mooilyud. Halooman adopts a pet sea horse. He escapes. One Cron Chases the sea horse out the window. Mooilyud knows the other Cron is not 3. He well SHE is 3,000. he knows her name is Dravos and she is returning to a new body. She is "Brought Back".  Mooliyud tells Dravos to go find Cron. That is how the story comes to a start.